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Universal search
Document registers
Customer management
Agreements and offers
Project management

Universal Search can help you anytime, anywhere to find the information you need. SDM has created filtering capabilities for each section of the system, so it enables user to search by vast variety of parameters.

Document register: here you will be able to maintain all documentation of the company under one place - structured and accessible. Each document can be restricted to what users can access them, highly confidential documents receives higher level of protection.

All information regarding customers will be maintained in Customer management module. For example, basic and contact information, history with the client and some activities that have been carried out. Furthermore, module stores customer-related documents, resource reservation and colleagues who also works with the client, so no work has to be done twice.

New customer quote is only few clicks away! Here it is possible to specify customers work position, price quotes, as well as add pictures and other information. The contract module allows to create and attach contracts to already existing customers. Making correct data entries, it will make contract automatically. To save time, you can create multiple contract templates and choose the appropriate one when needed and contract can be sent out within minutes, thus reducing reaction time.

View information about the client, activities, sales and project statistics, as well as incoming and outgoing invoices! Also, SDM supports data export to .xls and other formats, which means that user can view information from different aspects or move it to other systems, it allows flexibility and is simple to do.

SDM system can track both incoming and outgoing invoices. Creating outgoing invoice, system gives two options: Send the invoice manually or automatically from the system. If data entries are done correctly, system will automatically create and send out the invoice! Also, system allows to create invoice templates, as well as personalized texts for each customer if needed.

Manage projects, creating different level tasks, as well as attach employee to the action. Indicate priorities, deadlines and timeline for each task! Link projects with one or more clients and partners, as well as documents and additional activities. Store all documents under appropriate project for better visibility.

In the calendar, you can plan your and colleague's time. Also allows to see complete organisations calendar in several views and make a resource reservation. If you want to find out information about a particular colleague's time and resource availability, etc., this also can be researched through filters and it will open the calendar with the proper information.